General policy for customers of Kim Long Agarwood:

- Customers buying our products on the anniversary of the year will be reduced directly 5% on the product price for the bill value of over 1 million at the time of purchase

- Enjoy the incense including the most special incense when visiting the showrooms of Kim Long Agarwood.

-  Be updated on new products regularly and received other aftermarket promotions of Kim Long Agarwood through careful attention of sales staff.

- Be guided and consulted enthusiastically of usages and how to use products most effective.

You can contact us through the hotline: 04 3783 3160, 0936251971; Huongtram.com.vn website; Showroom of Agarwood for enquiries and products orders.

For customers who are busy can call to buy products at the showroom. you are also invited to participate in online purchase program at huongtram.com.vn to choose a favorite product immediately.

Enjoy the preffered program  when participating in the event at the showroom or discount policies on the website of Kim Long Agarwood. - We apply online payment method for your convenience.

-  Free delivery of good within  a radius of 15km from the company’ s sales location in which applies to customers who purchase with invoice value of 1 million or more. For invoice value under 1 million, customers will pay shipping charge upon receipt of goods

- Free delivery within a radius of 100km from the company's sales location in which applies to invoice value of 10 million and above. For invoice value under 10 million, customers will pay shipping charge upon receipt of goods.

- For the delivery point exceeding above distance,shipping charges would be as agreement case by case.