kí tự   Agarwood burner

Kim Long International Joint Stock Company provides dedicated agar wood-burning equipment which help you enjoy the light noble aroma of incense

It is the warm sweet and pure scent that could clean all dirt and dust. Buddhists often use  to burn down, chanting or chanting meditation. The basswood is usually made to produce a string of seeds to be worn on the body, wrists, chanting the Buddhist meditation will be a grain, Agar wood affected by heat will heat up and dispose Evil spirit.

The incense smell is enjoyed in such ways as by burning with fire or by electricity.

It is believed that when burning incense to chant Buddhist meditation, the smoke flies up and the prayers are sent to the Buddha. Incense scent could help the spirit of relaxation, reduce stress, create a cosy atmosphere. Besides, It enhances positive impact in the relationships between us and between people and the surrounding natural environment.

In order to promote all the wonderful uses of aquilaria products, you should choose a suitable set of instrument. If you already have high-quality Kim long Agarwood products, one of our burning instruments should be available at your home. 

We provide various sets of agar wood charcoals to burn incent power, agarwood chips and chunks to prevent the smell of mildew.Or you would like to use essential oil to incense to prevent the smell of moisture, Electric oil essential oil burners can be used with a variety of designs and options.Especially, one kind for cars with small nice and compact design is always ready for gourmet customers.

All of the Kim LongAgarwood charcoal products are designed with luxury style, sophistication and very handy. Products made from many different materials such as wood, porcelain or copper ... for your options.