kí tự   About Kim long Agar Wood


Kim Long International Joint Stock Company was established on 28th July, 2008, specializing in trading products from Agarwood with KIMLONG AGARWOOD brand name. We provide the best quality products made of Agarwood.

Agarwood formed by resins emanating from the wound in the trunk of Aquilaria crassna and molded by time, sunshine and other special natural conditions ,which is called the spirit of heaven and earth.

Agarwood is absolutely precious which heaven and earth gives us. It contains an extraordinary source of divine energy that creates abundant strength, protect people from evil ghost, used as talisman and is kept in house for heirloom.

The wonderful use of Agarwood is to stimulate the circulation of blood, regulate the heart rate, good for kidney, keep sleep deeply, prevent and treat cerebrovascular disease, abdominal pain, asthma and  other diseases.

Incense scent always makes the soul of the people calm down, feel warm to be protected and towards the holy things.

It is the incense that has a strange detoxification effect that keep people away from miasma, creating abundant vitality, bringing good luck and prosperity for whole family.