We would like to thank all customers who have been supporting us during previous time.

Following is online purchase instructions for your convenience.

* Choose products

 - click product list

- click the details

- click the photos for full immage.



  Step 1 : Select the product - In the product details page there is a ‘Quick Buy” button next to it. Click the Buy button for the product you want to buy. - The screen will display the message: Successfully add the product to your shopping cart - Click OK and hit Buy Confirmation if you select only that product. If you want to find the next product, please click on the PRODUCT LIST next to and repeat the same operation as the first product.

  Step 2: Shopping Cart - After you click the BUYING VERIFY button, the screen will display your shopping cart and fill in your personal information such as name, phone number, and customer email. - Click the CALL button to complete the online purchase process. Your order has been sent to the customer care system of Kim Long Agarwood and Kim Long Agarwood will contact you as soon as possible.

  Step 3: Cancel the order. After you have finished the above steps but you want to change or cancel the product you have selected, just click “ CANCEL “, your ORDER will be cancelled.